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Well than...

Had some sleep, and like the ballastic 5-year-old I am, that cries and screams around I went to sleep. xD But God, I had the worst nightmare. I had a dream that the terroists were really out of hand and like...*thinks back* 10 of America's planes were hijacked and crashed. Mannnn, that was terrible because I remember staring up in the sky and watching two of them crash in the air at midnight at a distance. Than I ran over to a T.V. to see if it was on the news. I was babysitting Sam and my parents were gone which made it worse. It was a Friday, I remember...

But I woke up, and laughed myself stupid because it was just a stupid dream and got up. :)

Ahhhh, thanks Kelly and Unkey Justin. xD :) You've really helped me last night. I was really...ugh, and well...*hugs both of them* Thanks for it. :)

And now, I must wait till 10 AM till my show's on, xD, soooo quizzys!

You Are:
You are an incredibly strange take on something that most people find normal- the humble chicken nugget. Unique and very weird looking at first, no one quite knows what to make of you. But once they get up the courage to give you a try, they find a familiar friend underneath that battered and fried exterior.
Take the quiz

Quiz created by jcald89 and mikeylove


Yes! I am...*eyes twitch*...a weird one aren't I? xD


A flutter of the eyelashes, a sway of the hips, a twinkle in the smile, or a muscular physique. Your power is simply being sexy. You can get what you want with little effort. Kinda rude, but hey...manipulation can pay off.
xD!!!! I cracked up when I got this...

Sam: I'm jealous! I wanted that one. xD :)

*evil grin*

img SRC="http://ineureka.com/tarotreadings/funstuff/dreams/bluebird.jpg" height=256 width=456>

Which figure in my dreams are you? by Polly Snodgrass

Bluebird...*thinks about it*

Which Zoolander Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Zoolander: *throws the model school* WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!.....A CENTER FOR ANTS?!?!?!?

Ha, I think that quiz sums me up in...one sentence.

I’m a penguin of the sub-artic type! I may have a funny head, but I’m a great bird! I love climbing rocks, that’s right, I climb rocks, and jump off them into the water! *splash* I’m not really globally threatened, but in some areas I am!

What penguin are you? find out at quizlets.tk! by Krysten!

Man, I'm spooky.....looking! xD

Take the Bear Quiz at quizlets.tk by Krysten
*giggles insanely and villainously* That is to damn cute. xD

I would be good at writing SUPERNATURAL!
Take the test at the Faery Glade

Thank you! *bows down*

My animagus is a unicorn - what's yours?
Take the test at the Faery Glade

Unicorn???!! xD!! Well than...moving on...*ahem*

find out your color at quizlets.tk!
quiz by krysten

I love aqua! It's one of my favorite colors...

What punctuation mark are you? Find out at quizlets.tk!
by Krysten


I'm all about the
Shy Guy

The baby of the group, your kind of man is the strong, silent type. The kind
who wins your heart is the kind who keeps his emotions in check, at first. But once you get into
a relationship, you need devotion, caring, and understanding. What can I say? You're a hopeless
romantic ~_^

And your
stereotypical boy band
boy is? Find out at quizlets.tk!
quiz by krysten

Aawwww, I love shy guys. *_* They're always so sweet and nice...*hugs self*



Randomness prevails! What are you?
by krysten


Which Oh! My Goddess sister are you? find out at quizlets.tk! by krysten


Wierd. Sexy. Happy.

Which C of I girl are you most like? find out at quizlets.tk!
Quiz by krysten for her own amusment.
Based on the group blog The Cliffs Of Insanity

*smiles that evil grin of hers again*

What would your familiar be? find out at quizlets.tk!
by Krysten

Hee-hee-hee! Cute! :D

Are you a freak? find out at quizlets.tk! by krysten

Shocking! *gasp*....I thought I'd get more than that! ....eh, oh well...*walks away*
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