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Do not call Sam....Sam no more. You must refer to her as Otto, according to her. *blinks* ...isn't that interesting? xD

OH! I might do a new theme for the ollllle LJ. *pats it* ...I need a vote!...but since I can't do that fancy voting crap that the rich LJ folk have xD, I'll just do a non-html one down here!

Which should be my next layout...?

A.) Something simple...perhaps serious with dark colors...dark colors rawk.
B.) Something totally wacky!! Like...a cartoony villain in odd themed colors!! That'd be coooool.
C.) Mis-matched colors! :D You know...like purple and green! Or pink and orange!
D.) Leave it the way it is!!

Just put A, B, C, or D!

Hmmmm...still worried about Havana though. Can't go on life without worrying about her.

Oh man -- Harry. Should I tell you the truth? How do I tell you? If that monster was your father -- -- He wasn't here to kill you -- he was trying to kill me. Or maybe both of us. I don't even know. I mean -- why would he want to kill either of us? Why? Did what turned me into Spider-man turn your Dad into that? Did what happened to him have something to do what happened to me? I don't know. I don't even really know what happened to me. Does it even matter now? I mean, it's all over.

Hang in there, Harry.
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