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And so they lived happily ever after...

Everything's better. Yeah, creepy no? Told you I can't fight for long with anybody. Ever.

Sorry about...me being...insane at that moment. I lost my head. Big time. I was just so...upset. Jealously consumed my head like a vicious bear. It was that bad. I'm just so lonely. But you know, I don't want anybody. Hell, I'm better off alone. You know why? Because sadly I can't look after anybody special.

Ehhhhh, what's it to me to be talking about this?? I'm just going to grow more...scary again. xD

So here's some quizzes to cheer up my old noggin!

What Labyrinth Charater are you most like?

brought to you by Quizilla

Was there any doubt I wouldn't take this quiz? I betcha Alissa will get Jaredth. xD JK!! JK!!

How Emotional Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, that's sounds right...

Okay, so only two quizzes tonight kiddies. :( ...but that's okay. xD I'll just have to kick off Sam when she's not looking next time. ;)

Good night!...I think...maybe I'll be back. Who knows. *shruggs*
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