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Mmmm, boy!

Which of Jess's Obsessions (both weird and not) are you?

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I'm special. xD

Ahhh, yes...I feel hyper again!!...*looks at clock*...DAMNIT!...it's only like...8 A.M. *in whiny voice* Commeee onnnnn...be 10:30 soonnnn...xD

*blinks as everybody stares at her* Heh...righttt. :D

Hey, you know what? Thanks for talking to me yesterday Havana and Jess. :) You guys were a blast. xD I forgot about that. Hmmm!

Heh, I got an idea...while I talk in this conversation, I throw in a quiz any given moment and than keep talking again! *in Zim voice* I'm a genius! :D

you're a knee-high sock! gee, you sure like learnin'
what type of sock are you? quiz by allison

Yeaaaaahhh, I like those...xD

See?!?! Just like that!! :D!! Hwa!! *evil grin* I'm sure it's going to annoy the piss outta soon so stay down!

Mom and Dad were off work yesterday so when the kiddies went to school, they went up to the mall to fix Sam's belt, and got me some comics. *hugs 'em* xD They're good. One of the styles is really creepy and weird, but I like it. :D They also got Sammy 'Monster's Inc.' on DVD. :) I like that movie...*looks around* The nerds make me laugh. xD

Quiz of Doooooooom!

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You're Dib. Positive that we're not alone in this universe, you're a master conspiracy theorist. Attempting to prove Bigfoot, aliens, and government conspiracies exist is tiresome work, though...don't get too bogged down by it. "A chupacabra? But there isn't a goat to feed on for miles!"

Well, I didn't need a test to tell me that. xD

Anywaysss...I tried to stay up late, but like all things...I couldn't do it! *gaspith* DAMN YOU SCHOOL! DAAAMMMNN YOUUUU!!! *falls over in her chair*

OH! That reminds meeee...Sam grabbed a liter of Root Beer and right when I was pouring it for her, she squeezed it and it went all over the floor! xD Jesus, now that I think about it, it WAS funny. But to me it wasn't at the time cause I had to clean it up before Dad saw and plus I got it in my hair. xD

What 60's Crowd Are You "In" With?

You're damn right I am! xD

Daaamn! Hmm! I guess we're not going out today. *scratches head* Eh, it was for the best I guess. xD I think Mom will want to stay home anyways. :)

I'm trying to write (again.) Amazing ain't it? It's a work in progress you could say. I'm getting better. *shruggs* xD It's kinda...nice. You know? :)

Which Sitcom Girlie are you?

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I...I think I'm done. Wait. Er...one more quiz...than I'll be done. *sounds like she's addicted to cigarettes than quizzes* xD

Which Lady of Camelot Are You?

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You are Nimue, otherwise known as the Lady of the Lake. Nimue was seen as both a sorceress and a goddess, she was very much a free spirit and a beautiful and powerful enchantress.

Okay, I'm out of here! *swings out*
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