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Shit. I hate liars. I hate people who use me. And guess what? I've been used. :(

I won't say who did it, but trust me, I'm sure the person who is responsible isn't reading this anymore, so most likely none of you are on my list.

*slunks* I'm sick, and I come home to this. ...I just...wish...*tears stream down*...I just wish people wouldn't do it. I seem to be used all the time now. It must be me, you know? I think something's wrong with my personality.

I didn't want to be hit on depression. Why? Because it seems so annoying for you guys for me to go crying to you. I feel so guility. But this...this takes the cake of anything.

*hugs self*...I don't know if I want to be on LJ for awhile. I need a break. I feel like the walls are enclosing on me. I'll be back shortly, I just...*throws a book across the wall and sputters* I can't believe what this asshole did to me!!!! :'( If I could get my hands on that jerk...he'd be sorry.

Nothing, NOTHING could make me forgive him. Nothing in this world. I don't forgive people easily for this. *leans head against the floor*

I've never felt so hurt in my life. This is much worse than the time I broke my nose and it kept bleeding like a faucet. Much worse than the time I hit my head and almost had stitches. This...is emotional.

So for now...*looks up at all of you* ...adios...*walks away*
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