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*looks around*...how do you help somebody who wants to die so closely...but leaves off the comment button in their LJ? ...It's like leaving home without your clothes to get serious.

I feel like I'm chasing after somebody...screaming for them not do something that might cost them...obviously their life, and they lock the doors on me before I can help.

I hate that feeling. Trapped, insecure feeling...

Eh! Quote of the day, because I thought it rawked...by an ingenius fan author I read today.

‘It’s a weird thing, for me anyway. I don’t dream anymore, like I used to. Is that good…or bad? I used to have dreams about mangled corpses and substantial, thick scarlet blood all over my face and limbs. I now look at my hands, they’re the same…same as they always have been. But it’s more than that…I feel like I’m living in a snow globe…and the dome just cracked.’

I love that. Isn't that cool?

Wellllll, besides the 'trapped' feeling, I'm going to try to look optimistic! xD :) At least I can sleep soon. (YAY! SLEEEEPPP!) Plus, I'm just obbessed with reading 'Pet Semetary.' by Stephen King. You guys should read it sometime, if you like zombie animals. xD
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