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Yahoo! :D

Well, my Saturday will look the 'swellest' tomorrow! I'm going to wake up reaaaaalllllly early and watch some of those Fox Family cartoonys on. Hwa! Despite half of the programming I really can't stand to watch. xD

Than, I'm going to eat some Mom's 'special breakfast' before we leave the house. (Hey Sam, how does blueberry pancakes sound? xD)
We have to go to the mall too...the big mall. O_-! But hey, who cares...xD I can finally get a certain person's b-day present in the process of it all. (Maybe get me some of them comics I wanted...? *gasp*)

OOOHHH! CHECK THIS OUT! I'm a getting me this tomorrow!!!

Won't I look spiffy? xD

God, I'm such a geek. :D *beams*

Well I gotta go bed nowwwwwwww...I feel like eyeballs are sinking outta my...eye...balls. xD Good night!! *jumps off and crashes against a wall* ...ow my nose....
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that looks cool!

here's to hoping wearing that shirt won't make you gay. ;D