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Honesty time...

Can somebody please tell me my flaws? Honestly...I need to know. I'm NOT doing this as a pity-trip or anything. Hell, honestly, I'll be angry if somebody writes, "Oh, nothing is wrong with you! We love you!"

It's not the love part that bothers me. It's the fact that people tell me things. Good things ...and than some of those people hide it behind my back.

So, please...make me happy. Post annoymously and write at least something. TRUST ME, I will NOT get angry. There's nothing in this world you could say to depress me, or make my cry. I swear, I'll even smile!! Honestly! I'm not kidding!

...I just...I just want to know what I do wrong...it's not that much to ask for.

Please. Flame me. No good comments. And you're not a bad person if you do this. You're doing something good. For me. And that's wonderful.

...I'm just scared nobody will write anything...
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