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Today's Thursday right?


Yes. Yes it is. xD

God, my calfs on my legs are sore! DAMN YOU GYM! We have to run a mile each day in physical education classes! :o! A shocker...

Speaking of shockers, Sam's nerdy math teacher. Drexler right? is...not...human at ALL. He can't be. Sam says he can run a mile in 4 minutes! The kids in school even saw it! And he ran around the track 9 times, (Which is like...2 1/4 miles) in like...14 minutes! O.O

Sam: *jumps on the bus and does a familar parody* xD YO! You shoulda seen it! The kids in school were ready to break out the can on Drexler and what happens...Drexler runs 2 1/4 miles!

Me: Wait, what? xD

Sam: Drexler ran 2 miles...in 14 minutes.

Me: Drexler ran 2 miles?

Sam: He just ran it and said:...What he say? "Next time, I'm gonna beat you!"

Me: He said that?

Sam: Yeah, said it was payback time and all that.

Me: Wow, ran the mile.

Sam: Yeah, they were all amazed.

Me: Guess the kids will stop picking on him.

Sam: No doubt. Less they can insult him without him knowing.

Me: Wow, Mr. Drexler beat them to their own game.

Sam: Laid the smack on them!

Me: Huh.

Sam: That guy is like a scary alien freak, man.

Me: Who?

Sam: Drexler! First, what? Like he doesn't say two words all year. Nuthin'. Just all in geek mode, right? Then all of a sudden he's all -- He's all throwing kids out of his class, then he's all up in our face. Then he's all beating them in the mile!

Me: You guys should lay off him anyhow. I always said it.

Sam: Yeah, you did...


Oh, my friend Chris wants to join...yeah, that's right...cheerleading. *chuckles a bit* Sounds familar doesn't it? *thinks about it*
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