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-Black Cat-
13 February
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"Come on! If you think about it, all the good superheroes relate to Halloween one way or another! I mean, lets take...a spider and a bat, okay? That sounds like something for trick-or-treating. Now tag on 'man' at the end, and look! You got another legendary character for the comics!" -Me

Yo yo! This issss Mar's journal! (Not yours...miiiine! *greedy look*)

For those unfamilar for me, I guess I'll make this short. I'm a 15-year-old girl (And look no further guys, I'm single! ;D) I'm as crazy as a shyt-house rat but twice as loveable!

So guess what that means?? *waits as crickets chirp* THAT'S RIGHT! You gotta read my journal! NOW GO!...GOOOOO! :D Yessss...that's right...
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